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Harry Oldmeadow
Harry Oldmeadow is an Australian author, educator, and editor who writes and teaches on a broad range of subjects. However, Prof. Oldmeadow specializes in traditionalist/perennialist thought, and he is one of the leading writers on that subject today. Oldmeadow is currently the Coordinator of Philosophy and Religious Studies at La Trobe University, Bendigo. Over the last decade he has published extensively in such journals as Sacred Web, Sophia, and Asian Philosophy.

Harry Oldmeadow has written what is, to date, the definitive study in English on the thought of the great Perennialist writer, Frithjof Schuon, titled Frithjof Schuon and the Perennial Philosophy. He has also written an important study of twentieth-century Western encounters with Eastern religions, Journeys East and edited a follow-up book, Light From the East. The World Wisdom title on Swami Abhishiktananda, A Christian Pilgrim in India, was also written by Oldmeadow. Prof. Oldmeadow also edited The Betrayal of Tradition. With such a background, Harry Oldmeadow was selected to edit the new edition of Studies, published in 2010 by World Wisdom as Crossing Religious Frontiers. This collection of new and classic essays is part of World Wisdom's "Studies in Comparative Religion" series, and focuses on the fundamental principles to be considered in interfaith matters.
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Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial PhilosophyFitzgerald, Michael Oren*Oldmeadow, Harry Vol. 45, No. 1. ( Crossing Religious Frontiers, 2010) Comparative Religion
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