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To visit a special web site, "Frithjof Schuon Archive," dedicated to featured Studies contributor Frithjof Schuon, click here.


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All articles featured on Studies in Comparative have been enabled to make use of definitions of technical terms from the website The Dictionary of Spiritual Terms. Any word with an available definition is underlined. Simply click on the underlined word to view a short definition. The definition will appear in a pop-up window. Your browser will have to allow pop-up windows, of course. Click on the “more information” in a pop-up definition for a longer definition from the main Dictionary of Spiritual Terms website, as well as a citation of its source.

Ways to Help World Wisdom and Studies in Comparative

Editing & proofreading. We have a number of projects which could benefit from someone skilled in editing English text. We can find something that will be of interest to readers of Perennialist literature and texts on traditional spirituality. Some of our readers enjoy seeing our books and articles many months before they are actually printed.
You can e-mail us to ask about editing projects for which you might volunteer.

Providing additional information/corrections. World Wisdom and Studies in Comparative are committed to recreating as closely as possible the material from the original 25 years of Studies. However, it is possible that errors might have inadvertently been introduced in the scanning and coding processes. If you spot anything that needs correction, please feel free to let us know. In addition, we have provided as much information as we have access to for the author biography section of the site; however, with the large number of authors that contributed to Studies, we can't research everyone. Therefore, if you have biographical information about any of the authors that are featured on, please let us know and we will consider posting it
You can e-mail us to provide additional biographical information about an author or a correction to an article.

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