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Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald (b. 1949) is an author, editor, and publisher of books on world religions, sacred art, tradition, culture and philosophy, who is based in Bloomington, Indiana. He has edited and written over a dozen books that have received more than fifteen prestigious awards. Eight of his books and two documentary films produced by him are used in university classes. Fitzgerald is an acknowledged authority on the religion and culture of the Plains Indians and is also the adopted son of the late Thomas Yellowtail, one of the most honored American Indian spiritual leaders of the last century. Michael Fitzgerald's review of Mark Sedgwick's controversial book Against the Modern World appears in the 2009 web edition (online only) of Studies in Comparative Religion.


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Book Review
Frithjof Schuon: Messenger of the Perennial PhilosophyFitzgerald, Michael Oren*Oldmeadow, Harry Vol. 45, No. 1. ( Crossing Religious Frontiers, 2010) Comparative Religion
Book Review
Michael Fitzgerald's review of Mark Sedgwick's Against the Modern World is a detailed view of Sedwick's study of the history of Traditionalism, taking the author to task for shoddy scholarship and research, possible bias, sensationalization for the purpose of marketing, unsupported conclusions, and, most fundamental of all for a writer undertaking such a project, "a flawed understanding of Traditionalism."
Review (2) of Against the Modern World by Mark SedgwickSedgwick, Mark *Fitzgerald, Michael Oren 2009 - Web Edition Comparative Religion
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