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Róbert Horváth
Róbert Horváth is a Hungarian writer who has authored a number of pieces on traditionalist/perennialist subjects. Those that have been translated into English include a detailed and in-depth review of the controversial book Against the Modern World, by Mark Sedwick (Oxford University Press, 2004). Click here to read Horváth's review of Sedgwick's book.

One article by Horvath that is available on the internet may be of particular interest to Studies readers: Other links of interest:
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Book Review
Hungarian writer Róbert Horváth finds that Against the Modern World, by Mark Sedgwick (Oxford University Press, 2004), strangely purports to present a history of Traditionalism, yet the book contains very little of real substance regarding the ideas or writings of the central figures on whom Sedgwick focuses. In addition, Sedgwick has overlooked significant historical precedents before the appearance of Guénon, to whom he traces most of the origins of Perennialism/Tradionalism. The reviewer cites numerous flaws in the content and method of the book, and concludes that it is "practically…a gossip book, nothing more than a new false history."
A Critique (1) of Against the Modern World by Mark SedgwickSedgwick, Mark *Horváth, Róbert 2009 - Web Edition Comparative Religion
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