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William Stoddart
William Stoddart is a perennialist author, translator, and editor. For many years he was assistant editor of this journal Studies in Comparative Religion. He spent most of his working life in London, England, and retired to Windsor, Ontario, in 1982. He has made a life-long study of the great religious traditions of the world, and in this connection has traveled widely: in Europe, North Africa, Turkey, India, and Ceylon. His books include: Sufism: the Mystical Doctrines and Methods of Islam (1976; editions in seven languages), Outline of Hinduism (1993), and Outline of Buddhism (1998). Dr. Stoddart is perhaps the foremost authority on the writings of the eminent perennialist writer Titus Burckhardt.


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Type TitleAuthor/
Reviewed Author*
Author 2/
The Role of Culture in EducationStoddart, William Vol. 17, No. 1 and 2. ( Winter-Spring, 1985) Comparative Religion
Right Hand of Truth: Life and Work of Titus BurckhardtStoddart, William Vol. 16, No. 1 and 2. ( Winter-Spring, 1984) Comparative Religion
Aspects of Islamic EsoterismStoddart, William Vol. 13, No. 3 and 4. ( Summer-Autumn, 1979) Islam
William Stoddart, writing under the nom de plume of “Peregrinus” gives an account of his travels in Russia, Poland and East Germany, focusing on the spiritual life in each region. The author also discusses religious repression in Russia as well as the influence of communism on Russia's neighboring countries.
Religion and Anti-Religion in Eastern EuropeStoddart, William Vol. 8, No. 3. ( Summer, 1974) Christianity
Book Review
In reviewing Dr Radhakrishnan’s book, William Stoddard points out that the author is himself enmeshed in modernism and yet is perplexed that tradition is relegated to the background - unaware that this is caused by abandoning the truths within the tradition. The reviewer reminds us that ‘Christ prophesied: "Scandal there must be," and added the implacable warning: "and woe to him through whom the scandal cometh!” Stoddard concludes ‘In an age of tireless but unblessed technology one of religion's most important roles is to remind those willing to listen of this fatally neglected truth.’
Religion In A Changing WorldRadhakrishnan, Sarvapalli *Stoddart, William Vol. 2, No. 2. ( Spring, 1968) Comparative Religion
Book Review
William Stoddart reviews My Dear Time's Waste, an autobiography by Fr. Brocard Sewell. It "consists mainly of a sequence of recollections and anecdotes about the people he has known throughout the various stages of his life." Stoddart notes that "Fr. Sewell is at pains not to 'reject' contemporary trends. Indeed, he makes it his business to 'accept' irresponsible, ignorant (but far from unpretentious) innovators in literature, ideology and morals." The reviewer would have preferred more discernment from a religious figure during a time of great change in the Church, and devotes some space in the review to correcting several views woven into the autobiography.
My Dear Time's WasteSewell, Fr. Brocard *Stoddart, William Vol. 1, No. 1. ( Winter, 1967) Christianity
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